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Civil War Veterans in Desecrated Graves

In 1969, the City of Ventura, California abandoned its two City owned pioneer cemeteries, St. Mary’s Catholic Cemetery founded in 1862, and the adjacent Ventura Protestant Cemetery founded in 1889. These two cemeteries located at main and Poli Streets in Ventura were converted to a public park where the remains over 3,000 of the City’s pioneer residents are still buried, the headstones and monuments were disposed of in a landfill in the nearby Santa Clara River and the property’s use converted to a city park. Over the years several families moved the remains of their ancestors across town to Ivy Lawn Memorial Park but the city did nothing to protect the remaining graves of these early pioneers. No effort was made to maintain, relocate, protect or honor the graves of the many military veterans remaining.

The above research by Edson T. Strobridge, Civil War research historian in San Luis Obispo, CA. has so far identified fifty-five Civil War veterans originally buried in these historic burial grounds. Over the years eight of the veterans graves have been removed to Ivy Lawn Memorial Park by their families. There still remain the graves of forty seven veterans of the Civil war including many of their wives and children, in what has become known as “Cemetery Memorial Park.” Among the more than 3,000 graves remaining is one of a Civil War General and former member of Congress, another, a Confederate Colonel and many others who served their country in time of war. They include seven members of the original 99 men who enrolled in Company C, 1st Battalion, Native California Cavalry originally enrolled in Santa Barbara in April 1864 (when Ventura Co. was still a part) and made up entirely of native Californians, who represented California in the Union Army during the Civil War.

This research is ongoing and not yet complete and does not include the names of veterans of other wars, one Medal of Honor winner won during the Indian Wars in 1869. As more information develops and confirmed Mr. Strobridge plans to share it with Mr. Steven Shleder to aid in his mission to gain support in “Restoring St. Mary’s Cemetery”.

This above information has been developed from a number of sources, among them the US Civil War Military Pension Record Index, US Civil War Military Service Record, County Histories, US Census Rolls, contemporary newspapers and GAR membership rolls. All names listed have been confirmed as Civil War veterans, having served in the military Forces of the United States or the Confederate States of America between the years 1861 and 1865. The Cemetery burial information has been taken from the City of San Buenaventura Cemetery Records as compiled by Edess Fargo, Administrative Asst,. City Clerk’s Office on 10 January 2001. The Ivy Lawn records have been taken from the listing provided by Terri Taylor Gonzalez, Gen. Mgr. Of Ivy Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery on March 14, 2003 and posted on the web on Mr. Schleder’s web site “Restore St. Mary’s Cemetery” (www. Restorestmarys. Org)


Confirmed burials of Civil War veterans remaining in Cemetery Memorial Park, San Buenaventura , CA, as of 01/17/05


Last Name First Name Mid Name Govt Rank Co Batt'n Reg State Mil Unit Grave Location
Arellanes Jose de la Luz Union Private C 1st Native CA Cavalry Block 6, roadway
Ayala Ramon   Union Private C 1st Native CA Cavalry Block 8, Lot 15
Barnard Irvin   Union Corporal I   94th IL Infantry Block 3, Lot 12, N. Sec.
Blodgett E L Union Private F   10th IL Infantry Block 34, Lot 3, Center Sec.
Bradley Charles H Union Private M   3rd IA Cavalry Block 52, Lot 4
Brown Otis J Union Private G   6th MA Infantry Block 50, Lot 6, N. Section
Buker Alpha   Union Private, Corporal A   4th ME Infantry Block 27, Lot 7, Center Sec.
Comstock Andrew Jackson Union Captain C   33rd IA Infantry Block 54, Lot 3, N. Sec.
Conklin Joseph D Union Private K 1st West MO Engineers Block 51, Lot 15, N. Sec.
Crawford James Monroe Union Captain H   83rd IN Infantry Block 25, Lot 14, N. Sec.
Dudley Henry O Union Saddler Sergeant F   5th IA Cavalry Block 2, Lot 3, S. Sec.
Dudley Benjamin Wells Union Sergeant C   1st WI Cavalry Block 2, Lot 10, N. Sec.
Dunn Joseph Lane Union Sergeant B   22nd PA Cavalry Block 49, Lot 4, N. Sec.
Elizalde Francisco   Union Private C 1st Native CA Cavalry Block 14, Lot 50
Finney Charles G(randison Union Capt., Bvt. Major QM A   2M US Vol.'s Block 25, Lot 13, Center Sec.
Fowler Lorenzo D Union Private G   59th Ohio Infantry Block 30, Lot 9, North Sec.
Garcia Vicente   Union Sergeant C 1st Native CA Cavalry Block 14, Lot 35
Garrett Russell   CSA Colonel       VA Infantry Block 51, Lot16, S. Sec.
Gordon Benjamin Franklin Union Private C   18th IN Infantry Block 28, Lot 15, S. Sec.
Hawes Jasper T Union Private G   49th WI Infantry Block 7, Lot 2, Center Sec.
Hill George T Union   C   9C? MO   Block 6, Lot 6, Center Sec.
Hines Johnathan Doan Union Lt. Colonel F&S   12th OH Infantry Block 29, Lot 20, S. Sec.
Hobart Franklin   Union Sergeant 4th Class F   1st IA Infantry Block 53, Lot 18?, 19, S. Sec.
Kaiser Joseph M Union Private K   26th NY Cavalry Block 37, Lot 11, Center Sec.
Kane James H USA         USN   Block 9, Lot 2, S. Sec.
Kenyon Dewitt C Union Sergeant, Captain B   18th MI Infantry Block 54, Lot 9, N. Sec.
Lewis William H Union             Block 30, Lot 2, N. Sec.
Logue Oliver Rupert Union Private A   103rd PA Infantry Block 19, Lot 7, Center Sec.
Owens James M Union Private B   51st IN Infantry Block 53, Lot 13, N. Sec.
Rodriguez Jose   Union QM Sergeant C 1st Native CA Cavalry Block 6, Lot 24-25(between)
Shaw Jesse Allen USA Musician - Brigade Band       US Vol.'s Block 45, Lot 18, N. Sec.
Simms Charles, Dr.   Union             Block 28, Lot 13, S. Sec.
Skellinger Luther   Union Private C   1st NJ Infantry Block 28, Lot 6, Center Sec.
Soto Antonio   Union Sergeant C 1st Native CA Cavalry Block 25, Lot 17, Center Sec
Sydow William   Union Corporal F   23rd IL Infantry Block 22, Lot 10, S. Sec.
Townsend Charles H Union   B   17th MA Infantry Block 27, Lot 6, S. Sec.
Train Joseph Barber Union Corporal G   92nd IL Infantry Block 23, Lot 8, S. Sec.
Valenzuela Juan   Union Private C 1st Native CA Cavalry Block 14, Lot 46
Vandever William   Union General     9th IA Infantry Block 45, Lot 12, W. Sec.
Wagner William   Union   B   3rd WI Cavalry Block 21, Lot 19, N. Sec.
Webster Le Fevre   Union Private E   2nd IA Infantry Block 45, Lot 8, 2nd from N.
Wells John C Union Private E   137th IL Infantry Block 18, Lot 11, S. Sec.
White George W Union             Block 39, Lot 12
Wiggin Charles P.   Union Lieutenant 1st Class G   2nd KS Infantry Block 29, Lot 13
Wilken Robert   Union Sergeant K   170th OH Infantry Block 27, Lot 2, N. Sec.
Williams Edwin C Union Private D   3rd WI Infantry Block 24, Lot 11, Center Sec.
Wilson William J Union Private K   8th CA Infantry Block 3, Lot 7
Woods Nealy C Union Sergeant 1st Class D   7th IL Infantry Block 10, Lot 13, S. Sec.

Le Febre Wester
Cabinet Card: Le Fevre Webster, Civil War veteran, in GAR uniform.
Courtesy Simi Valey Historical Society

GAR Register
Title page of the Register of the GAR

Register Contents
Page of the Register showing the names of the memberst of the GAR


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