Olivas 1901 a Olivas 1901 b

Photos from the Olivas Family taken in 1901, courtesy of Henry J. Oliva Jr. & Four Generations of His Family. Read his email and learn the details about these photos in the Your Emails & Letters page in this website.

San Buenaventura #5 • Photographer B. Isensee
(Small section of a larger 5 1/2" x 50" panoramic photo. Hillside view looking south, March 09, 1927)

See more 1964 photos of Dr. Deetz and Mrs. Donald Lindsay
at Hall Canyon City Yard reviewing desecrated headstones

Photographer B. Isensee
A different view of our town. Hillside view looking south, March 09, 1927)

There will be more photos soon...

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