Tell Ventura leaders how to change Cemetery Park

By Ask the Director

December 4, 2004

Q: I live in the midtown area and take my kids to play at Cemetery Memorial Park. I heard the city is considering improvements to the park.
What is going on?

A: Cemetery Park is one of the treasures of midtown, and we're happy many residents enjoy its use. Recently there have been several proposals for changing the park. Before the city makes any decisions, a public participation process will be launched to provide an opportunity for all to express their views. The Parks and Recreation Commission approved a community design process at its November meeting. This process includes public participation by the general public as well as key stakeholders, who will be invited to present their ideas and recommendations to the commission.

Q: What does the public participation process include?

A: Early next year, a survey will be mailed to residents in the neighborhoods surrounding the park and will also be posted on the city's Web site, In addition, the Parks and Recreation Commission will hold a public meeting at the park during the first quarter of 2005, to talk about the various proposed park uses.
Midtown and Downtown neighborhood council meetings will be scheduled, and city staff members will be available to answer questions about the design process, talk about the history of the park and its importance to the community, and solicit public comment.

The Parks and Recreation Commission will take into consideration the background and history of the park, the results of the public survey and public input. Based on this information, it will make a recommendation for the Cemetery Memorial Park Plan and send it to the City Council. There will be opportunity for additional public comment at the commission and council meetings. If the City Council approves the commission's recommendations, a design consultant will be retained to develop the plan and identify priorities for future use of the park. These priorities will be included in future budget programs as funding becomes available.

It is anticipated that the Parks and Recreation Commission should make its recommendation to the City Council by spring. If all goes according to the schedule, the design consultant will be hired by summer, and the plan should be completed by late 2005.

If you have any questions about this process, please feel free to contact Parks and Recreation Commission Manager Mike Montoya at 652-4552.


-- Ventura Public Works Director Ronald J. Calkins welcomes your questions. Send them in care of Ask the Director, Ventura County Star, P.O. Box 6711, Ventura, CA 93006.

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