Survey respondents want passive, serene park

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Survey respondents want passive, serene park

By Ed Wehan
July 3, 2005

Your survey request for the Pulse page on what should happen to Cemetery Park is somewhat belated in that the city has done just this in order to apprise the Parks and Recreation Commission on what type of proposal should be forwarded to the City Council. The majority of the responses were to keep the park just as it is, a passive, serene memorial to those buried there.

The Parks and Recreation Commission voted recently to support a staff recommendation to "design and construct improvements that respect those who are deceased and buried there and that improvements be for the purpose of maintaining or enhancing the tranquility, quiet and passive nature of the cemetery/park."

To commemorate those who are buried there, a public art project would be included that could identify and acknowledge the deceased. These plans will require further public input so that the wishes of this community can be met.

With the exception of the western 110-foot section, this park is a cemetery with state laws to protect what can and cannot be done there. The staff report follows all of these guidelines and includes the western section in the overall plan as well. It has now been more than 40 years since the city of Ventura cleaned up the neglected cemetery site in order to provide all citizens with an open, well-maintained memorial area for those buried and for those who would use the park for contemplation and passive activity.

The city staff report continues to make Cemetery Memorial Park a wonderful place for all of us to visit and spend time. It also strengthens the bond between Ventura's past and its future. It is now time to move on and make all of this happen.

-- Ed Wehan, of Ventura, is Ventura Parks and Recreation commissioner.

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