De La Guerra Family Disinterment

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De La Guerra Family Disinterment


An unusual proceeding took place this morning at the Catholic cemetery in this city, when the bodies of four members of the De la Guerra family were disinterred in the presence of the mayor and the registrar, who is Town Clerk Isensee. The disinterment took place at the instance of Mrs. Judge Sepulveda of the City of Mexico, who was Miss Erlinda De La Guerra, and of her brother, Juan De la Guerra.

The bodies were disinterred for removal to Santa Barbara, where they will be placed in the spacious vault of this old-time family. Those disinterred were the remains of Mrs. Conception De la Guerra, aged 64, who died in August , 1896: she was the mother of Mrs. Sepulveda and also of the three sons whose bodies were buried alongside that of her own. These sons were Orlando De la Guerra, aged 41, who died April, 1899; Jose Dela Guerra, aged 18, who died June, 1877; Pablo De la Guerra, aged 14, who died November, 1884.

The De la Guerra family was one of the best known and most prominent in the state in the good old days of the missions in this county it owned vast tracts of land, a portion of its holdings including the Simi and Tapo ranches.

Spelling and punctuation are exact to original published article of 10-05-06.

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