Unholy deed

Unholy deed

This letter was sent to the editor of the VC STAR
Wednesday November 17, 2004

Re: Colleen Cason's Oct. 24 column, "Razing cemetery takes hearts of stone":

Many of my ancestors are buried at the Ventura cemetery. My grandfathers came with the Portola expedition of 1769, the Anza expedition of 1776 and the expedition in 1782 that founded the city of Ventura. Thanks a lot.

It is a known fact all up and down the coast that the Ventura City Council, along with the collaboration of the city of Ventura, has a dirty track record of trashing its history. It was an unholy deed and a sacrilege against the dead for what the City Council let transpire at St.
Mary's Cemetery in 1964.

-- Jim Elwell-Martinez, Oak View


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