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Why doesn't Cemetery Park in downtown Ventura have picnic tables, playground equipment or facilities offered at other city parks?
-S.C. Ventura


"It's because of the headstones that we don't put stuff out," says Terry Murphy, park supervisor. "We have to maintain it as a cemetery."

Cemetery Memorial Park, commonly called Cemetery Park, cannot be used for anything other than a public cemetery as stated in Section 8126 of the Health and Safety Code, and stipulated in the 1965 deed from the Roman Catholic Archbishop. Failure to do so will cause the land to revert to the grantor.

The park, which actually is a 7.09-acre historic site that originally served as the city cemetery from 1862-1944, is bounded by Poli and Main streets, and Aliso and Hemlock lanes.

After the cemetery fell into disrepair, the city acquired the land in the 1960s and replaced standing grave monuments with flat headstones and plaques.

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