Letter to the editor - September 22, 05

Change grave policy

When I left the meeting on City Memorial Park on July 25, I was under the impression that the City Council had changed the recommendation from the Parks and Recreation Commission on the policy for installing markers on graves in the park.
The recommended policy stated that the city will pay for markers, but only if a family member makes the request. There was considerable discussion about the inequity of only marking graves of deceased with living descendants.
Council members seemed to be sympathetic to the argument that we should not abandon those who do not have family or those who have family who do not live locally and don't know that the graves are unmarked. I thought the policy was amended so that anyone could request a marker. It turns out that this is not the case.
While an amendment was suggested, an amendment was not moved and seconded and there was no vote. The recommendation from Parks and Recreation stands as is and only family can request a marker.
My great-grandparents and great-great-grandparents are in City Memorial Park and I want to mark their graves. But I don't want to forget the other people who are nearby. The City Council needs to change the policy.
-- Mary Bergen, Ojai

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