Ventura City holds public meeting
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Dog Poo-ing in Park
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unleashed Dog deficating on pioneer unmarked tombs

poo next to plate
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Dog defication pile on pioneer graves

Dear Restoration Friends & Pioneer Descendants; Important Date to Attend. We invite the public to hear a presentation and participate in a public discussion (**ATTN: 3 minute limit per speaker) 5:30 p.m. Weds. on Nov. 19 Community Presbyterian Church, 1555 Poli St., San Buenaventura, CA Community Presbyterian Church MAP LINK

When do your enforce the valid federal, state, and municple laws on this historic cemetery grounds? When it's convenient & cheap or....ALWAYS !!!! Federal cemetery laws state all vets buried there HAVE TO have their headstones and more respectful burial plot requirements. There are hundreds of war vets silently buried there along with 2 Medal of Honor recipiants! No one respects those honroable men, currently. Several veteran's groups have already said they will donate the new vet's burial headstone markers, BUT the city won't even pay for FREE grave markers instillation in the cemetery. Just great, huh?State cemetery law state all buried there make that ground a burial plot cemetery and HAVE TO be fenced & have posted signage saying that it's a cemetery with exhisting tombs. There are hundreds of early Ventura Spanish Land Grant, Californios, Chumash, Chinese, Italians and other pioneer folks STILL in tombs there, not to mention Ventura Mayors, Sheriffs and historic persons of interest in unmarkered graves. Currently next-of-kin cannot visit the graves of their family members due to those family tombs being now unmarked (city crews stealing them and discarding them). This is especially important for Mexican, Chinese, Japanese and Native American Chumash cultures. During days of the year, families are to visit the graves of the ancestors. They CANNOT! That is institutional Govt religious and cultural discrimination, and is against many discrimination laws. Those descendant folks should be contacting the public advocacy law group, Judicial Watch to correct these illegal Ventura city govt cemetery matters. http://www.judicialwatch.orgThose tombs are STILL there just to have many (illegal) unleashed free running dogs deficate and urinating on those tombs; all day, every day! Municiple park laws say 'No unleashed dogs' to use the park grounds and ALL dog owners MUST curb (pick-up dog feces) their dogs, AT ALL TIMES. The Ventura dogs and their assinine owners have a free range dog toilet and running-off-lease park with no oversight or city enforcement whatsoever. THIS MUST END! The city has contractual responsibilies and legal fiduciary contract requirements when the city bought and now owns the St Marys cemetery grounds. Get this in your collective heads...**IT'S A CEMETERY FOLKS! Don't like that, it's the cities responsibility pay for 3,000 burial reinternments into another parcel of land in Ventura. Other communities did that but childishly Ventura wanted to have BOTH of the best of these matters. This problem is not getting smaller. **IT'S A CEMETERY FOLKS! You wouldn't allow for dogs to do that in your own front yard, so why is it allowed here? Is this just MORE City GRAFT? There has been TWO Grand Jury investigations, several studies & public meetings by the Park and Rec department and 'public comment' open meeting with 30+ family descendants & interested Venturans talked to the City Council in their 'Public Comment'. All those matters worked off of several door-to-door neighborhood municiple questionaire surveys from talking to the property & home owners around St Marys cemetery. These property & home owners around St Marys cemetery are now being press interviewed and are saying that they didn't know about these matters? Please, I don't think so. STOP THE COVER-UP! Steve Schleder of Restore St Marys says, "It HAS and always WILL BE about what the City Council and City Manager want and to H&LL with the resting rlaces of our ancestral heritage, Federal Cemetery Law, State Cemetery Law, the religious traditions and us (voters), San Buenaventurans. Ventura city residents with CAPS cable TV system can see a TV show called "Kalifornia Kaleidoscope" featuring St. Mary's Steve Schleder as a show guest exposing this matter. Periodically check on your local public cable access TV channel #6 during the weekdays either a.m. or p.m for this informative show that exposes the city St Marys cemetery lies. The LATEST.....Four years ago, Ventura's Parks & Rec Commission took on the challenge represented by Cemetery Memorial Park (St Mary's Pioneer Cemetery, 3000+ tombs, 1862 to 1963) on Poli Street: Since the City took over the site in 1963, neighbors had come to use the open space as a public park while preservationists have advocated a return to its original sole use as a cemetery. In 2007, the City Council approved the creation of a plan to improve the existing park while integrating recognition of its rich history and honoring the people who are buried there. The newly proposed plan includes refurbished landscaping and repairs to the historic WPA cobblestone retaining wall; it also proposes a Veterans' memorial path and flagpole, a memorial garden and small, brass markers in the grass to represent each of the approximately 3,000 known graves on site.Full implementation of the proposed plan would cost nearly $4 million and is beyond our means. Even phased implementation would require fundraising through grants, bonds and/or private donations to begin. Since most grant funding will only pay construction costs - and not design fees - the City has taken the initial steps necessary to become eligible for available funding by designing a plan for improvements to the park. Fiscal responsibility is our utmost priority during these tight times, and we remain committed to the community's vision for the park once funding becomes available.The proposed plans are currently posted at the park, and are also online at the City's web site: The City Council has not approved the plan yet, and we're interested in hearing the community's feedback over the next few months. Dear Restoration Friends & Pioneer Descendants; Important Date to Attend. We invite the public to hear a presentation and participate in a public discussion (**ATTN: 3 minute limit per speaker) at 5:30 p.m. on Nov. 19 at Community Presbyterian Church, 1555 Poli St., San Buenaventura, CA Community Presbyterian Church MAP LINK, please click LINK address below: AND ALSO TALK TO VENTURA CITY OFFICIALS DIRECTLY: Ventura City Council FACT and CONTACTSThe Ventura City Council meets at 6:00 pm each Monday for the first four Mondays each month. The City Council meets the first week in August and willnot reconvene until the first Monday after Labor Day weekend. Meetings are held in Council Chambers on the second floor of City Hall, 501 Poli Street. All meetings are open to the public. Mayor- Christy Weir, Deputy Mayor- Bill Fulton, Councilmember- Neal Andrews, Councilmember- Brian Brennan, Councilmember- James L. Monahan, Councilmember- Carl E. Morehouse, Councilmember- Ed Summers, Councilmembers may be contacted via telephone at:City Hall: (805) 654-7827orby email: City residents interested in serving on a City of San Buenaventura Board, Commission, or Committee may obtain an application form in the City Clerk's Office, 501 Poli Street - Room 204, Ventura, California, 93002-0099, by calling the City Clerk's Office at (805) 658-4787. Parks & Recreation Commission FACT and CONTACTSThe mission of the Parks and Recreation Commission is to stimulate interest, recommend and promote public parks and recreation programs, facilities and events. The mission includes reviewing and recommending on those portions of the long range capital improvement program pertaining to the development of parks and facilities, beaches, golf courses, playing fields and recreation centers. Parks and Recreation Commissioners Brooke Ashworth, Chair Bill Camarillo, Vice Chair Christopher L. Lopez, Commissioner Suz Montgomery, Commissioner Sharon Troll, Commissioner Ed Wehan, Commissioner James White, Commissioner Parks and Recreation Commission Meetings3rd Wednesday @ 5:30 p.m. Anacapa Conference Room January 16, 2008 February 20, 2008 March 19, 2008 April 16, 2008 May 21, 2008 June 18, 2008 July 16, 2008 August 20, 2008 September 17, 2008 October 15, 2008 November 19, 2008 December 17, 2008 CONTACT US- Here in Ventura our Public Works Department is responsible for our City Parks.Public Works Department- City of Ventura Parks Division (805) 652-4550

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